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new group for new energy love and compassion Giles

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Location: lanarkshire, Scotland, ml11, United Kingdom
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    Sun, 17 Mar 2013 @ 09:36 AM

    have been researching night and day ! Trying to get Stephen Fry and Ricky Gervais on board ! The new material GRAPHENE is amazing and has great potential in new energies !  I have signed the petition for a true public enquiry into the 9/11 heist of our decade ! emailed Max Keiser of RT NEWS on free view channel 85 to do with economics and justice ! I have a news slot coming up in the future which I hope will be a regular position to air our views ! Currently campaining for donations for drone purchasing and I am looking at targetting heads of state and possably our friends in the pharmaceutical companies to fund to make themselves look good , they all have a chance of redemption , we will see ! Giles Banks